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A distinctive way to experience the effects of psilocybin mushrooms is through magic mushroom chocolate. These chocolate bars contain a measured amount of psilocybin, the primary ingredient in magic mushrooms. People who want to test mushrooms can now do so without worrying about overdosing or having to put up with the earthy flavour of dried magic mushrooms. Buy mushroom Chocolate Bars.

Benefits of Magic Mushroom Chocolate

You may now explore psilocybin’s effects by consuming mushroom chocolates. Well-known companies make these goods with extensive industry knowledge. Customers can now safely consume psilocybin in the shape of their favourite delicious chocolates because of their commitment and competence.

Mask the Taste of Magic Mushrooms

Everyone has a different tolerance to the taste of mushrooms. Some may object to the bitterness, while others may detect a nutty flavour. But the majority of individuals concur that magic mushrooms don’t taste sweet—rather, they have an earthy flavour. These mushrooms taste like earth and have a spongy, chewy, and fibrous feel. Buy mushroom Chocolate Bars.

Now, fans of the shrooms can enjoy its flavor and psilocybin’s effects. Every bite is delightful because of the delicious chocolate and mushroom combination. Users can consume mushrooms without becoming sick or having a bad stomach.

Pre-measured Dosage | Buy mushroom Chocolate Bars

The possibility of eating an excessive or inadequate amount is one of the challenges with consuming dry mushrooms. This can provide a strong psychedelic experience or have no impact at all. By supplying pre-measured quantities, shroom chocolates provide a workable alternative and guarantee a more controlled and predictable experience.

Brands state the correct amount of psilocybin in their shroom chocolate bar packaging. There are instructions that outline how much psilocybin is in each square and how many squares you can ingest to produce the desired effects.

Variety of Flavours

Magic mushroom chocolates are undoubtedly something you’ll enjoy if you love chocolate. The producers of psilocybin chocolate bars are aware of what their customers like and provide a wide range of possibilities.

Online dispensaries don’t just sell the standard chocolate bars; you can also get varieties with extra nuts or fruits, such as the Wonder Psilocybin Chocolate Bar in Blood Orange or Euphoria Psychedelics Hazelnut Bites, as well as flavours like milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Medical Benefits of mushrooms chocolate bar online

The active ingredient in chocolate shrooms, psilocybin, has been the subject of an in-depth study. Scientists have looked into the possibility of using this psychedelic substance as an alternative medicine for a number of diseases. Specific psychiatric diseases, addiction problems, and cluster headaches are among the most often used therapeutic uses of psilocybin. Studies have also examined its impact on mood enhancement, personality changes, and creative thinking in addition to its medical treatment application.

Effects of Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

A magic mushroom chocolate bar has similar effects as dry mushrooms. Specific physical and psychological changes, including hallucinations, altered perception, and intense introspection, among others, will be experienced by users. The start and duration of the experience are the only differences between the effects of dry mushrooms and magic mushroom chocolate bars.

The effects of chocolate-covered mushrooms develop over time. The effects of edible mushrooms can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours to become apparent. Numerous variables affect the onset, including the dosage taken and if administered on an empty stomach.

Macrodosing Effects

Macrodosing means consuming an amount that can cause hallucinogenic effects. The dosage can range from 1 gram and more.

  • 1-2 gramsOne or two grams can help to stimulate the mind and encourage various kinds of original and insightful thinking. Some people could even discover that it inspires them to produce music and art. It can also heighten your senses by making you see everything more vividly and colourfully.
  • 3-3.5 grams: You’ll experience a greater sense of vividness and excitement in the world, as well as unreal sights and sounds. You’ll think quickly and unfilteredly. A lot of people experience realizations that change their lives. Many users also say that the experience was illuminating on a spiritual level.
  • 5 grams and moreExpect to lose touch with reality, endure powerful spiritual encounters, and experience ego death. A heroic dose can change your life, and the journey may bring you distressing feelings and memories.

Microdosing Effects

Microdosing does not typically have a recreational aim. To microdose is to completely avoid the high, the trip, and the powerful feelings. A microdose is so little that it only causes sub-perceptual adjustments in favour of health and well-being rather than perceptual changes. mushroom chocolate bars shop USA

The advantages may occur the day of or after a microdosing protocol, possibly in the days that follow. Less mental health symptoms and more creativity, productivity, and flow are possible outcomes. The option to microdose is possible with mushroom chocolate in Canada because of its consistent dosing.

Brands of Mushroom Chocolate Bar in Canada

Psilocybin chocolate bars in Canada contain high-quality ingredients, but it’s necessary to remember that not all brands are the same. You must consider the brands we discuss below to guarantee the best results and a secure psychedelic experience. Buy mushroom Chocolate Bars

Wonder mushroom chocolate bars | Wonder mushroom chocolate bars shop.

Wonder psilocybin edibles utilize exact measurements of high-quality, independently tested psilocybin obtained from Psilocybe Cubensis. Wonder edibles are products you can rely on to guide you through a satisfying psilocybin encounter, regardless of the kind of experience you’re after.

Bright Future

Bright Future is a brand from the West Coast of Canada. The brand aims to offer products that can be useful for medical purposes. Some of the psilocybin bars online are vegan-friendly and made with high-quality ingredients.


Mastermind makes premium Psilocybe cubensis edibles and supplements. They believe that magic mushrooms have advantageous impacts on the mind and psyche of people. Equip with this knowledge, the brand sets out to produce a tasty selection of chocolate bars like Mastermind – Cookies & Cream Bar – 1500 mg or Mastermind – Chocolate Shroomicorns.

Euphoria Psychedelics | Best edibles mushroom shop online.

Euphoria Psychedelics is a British Columbia brand that uses Golden Teacher magic mushrooms for chocolate bars. Consuming Golden Teachers can help you connect with nature and feel enlightened. They have a wonderful capacity for mental and spiritual healing. These hallucinogenic magic mushrooms are appropriate for both newcomers and seasoned users.

Buy Psilocybin Chocolate Bars at Mushroom dispensary Florida

Mushroom dispensary Florida is an online dispensary that offers a selection of psilocybin-infused chocolate bars. To give our clients a variety of options and give them the freedom to select the product that most closely matches their interests, we have partnered with several brands. You can feel free to browse our range of delicious chocolate bars and other products that contain psilocybin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shroom chocolate bars similar to cannabis edibles?

Yes. They are similar in a way that they are food or beverage products containing a psychoactive compound. The only difference is that shroom chocolate contains psilocybin, and cannabis edibles contain cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

What is the difference between shroom edibles and dried shrooms?

Form Food products Mushrooms in dried form
Onset 30 minutes to 2 hours 15 minutes to 45 minutes
Duration of Effects Prolonged Shorter
Taste Depending on the product Earthy, unpleasant
Ease of Consumption Easier to consume due to its taste Challenging and can sometimes cause nausea

How do magic mushroom chocolates work?

Psilocybin transforms it into psilocin and binds to serotonin receptors in your brain. Upon attachment to these receptors, it produces immediate changes in cognition, perception, emotion, and sense of self.

The default mode network is a brain region that collaborates to perform abstract thought, ruminate, predict the future, and establish our sense of self. It is more active when psilocin is present.

This network is substantially affected by psilocin, which causes a loss of ego and a sense of unity with the cosmos.

How to avoid a bad trip with shroom chocolates?

Find a trip sitter who watches you while you go on your magic mushroom trip. When you appear to panic, they can keep you engaged by conversing with you. This might help you stay upbeat and make sure your trip is successful.

Preparation is another efficient way to avoid having a bad experience when using mushrooms. This entails choosing a secure and comfortable setting and preparing your mind for the journey.

Should I consume shroom chocolate on an empty stomach?

Some claim that taking edibles after a meal will only shorten the impact or duration of the trip by around two hours. This delay is due to the food consumed and how well your digestive system works.

Eating before may lessen the intensity of the trip, and some people may believe they need to take more to get the desired benefits. To avoid any potentially harmful effects, you must eat lightly and allow time for digestion. If not, have a little snack beforehand and more if you start to become hungry.

What works for you is what is important. While some people find it easier to consume mushrooms after eating food, others discover that doing so increases the severity. Personal preferences mean that there is no right or wrong response to this.

You can include some of the things on our list below when taking magic mushrooms if you’re concerned.

  • Soup
  • Fresh fruits
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Smoothies or yogurt

Our signature 54% Belgian dark chocolate bar accented with luxurious 24K gold leaf.

These bars are magic mushroom edibles. Infused with penis envy mushrooms, containing the psilocybin molecule.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, psilocybin, soya lecithin, salt, natural vanilla extract.

This product is gluten free, vegan, nut free.

Chocolat magique manufactures a delicious  magic mushroom chocolate you can trust for safe and delicious trips.

Magic mushroom Chocolate bars dosage | How to consumed magic mushroom Chocolate Bars.


3g of psilocybin per bar / 300mg per square

We recommend eating 2-3 squares for beginners.

5 squares if you are more experienced.

Crafted with the finest Belgian chocolate and sustainably sourced Canadian sugar refined on the Toronto Waterfront, you will love it !
We have more than 10 years of experience working in the best chocolate shops in Toronto. All of our magic mushrooms chocolate bars are prepared by artisan chocolatiers.
Our primary goal is to make eating magic mushrooms safe; for you to experience magic mushrooms benefits fully.

What is the best way to consume magic mushrooms ?

Eating psilocybin with cocoa is considered by many as the best way to consume magic mushrooms. Ancient Maya and Aztec cultures started consuming magic mushrooms with cocoa in religious rituals more than 3500 years ago. Nowadays, several types of magic mushrooms edibles exist, such as gummies, psilocybin pills, magic mushrooms tea, and even, coffee !

How long do magic mushrooms effects last ?

The duration of the effects depends on the person. Everybody has a different metabolism ! It will also vary with the quantity you take. However, magic mushrooms effects last usually at least 4 hours.

How long do shrooms take to hit ?

It usually takes 30-60 min for the effect to kick in. We recommend going low and slow for beginners.

What are the psilocybin benefits ?

Magic mushrooms are good for you according to researchers. The psilocybin molecule, contained in psilocybin cubensis magic mushrooms, has multiple benefits when consumed in the right quantity.

Research has shown that psilocybin may increase creativity, fight depression and improve your mood. Psilocybin has the potential to be a powerful tool in addiction treatment such as alcohol dependence or smoking. There is no research to suggest that psilocybin itself is addictive. Mushrooms such as psilocybin cubensis, may relieve anxiety and help with PTSD.

One other famous effect magic mushrooms have is ‘Ego death’. This effect is described by many as a powerful life changing experience with a positive effect on mental health.

Why should you try magic mushrooms ?

Along with all the mental health benefits, a magic mushrooms experience using the right penis envy mushrooms dosage, is a fun adventure to experience with your friends !

What are the psilocybin effects consumers want ?

You may feel euphoric and energized. Most people have visual effects like seeing the beauty of the world in a more intense way. You could also have hallucinations. Magic mushrooms are psychedelics. It is best to start with a small dosage of psilocybin to assess your own magic mushrooms tolerance.

What dose of penis envy mushrooms should I take ?

Eating magic mushrooms in the right quantity will allow you to have a safe experience and will limitate magic mushrooms side effects. Depending on your goal you may want to take a different dose.

For a trip using penis envy mushrooms, we recommend a dose between 0.6-0.9g for beginners. 1-2g for intermediate users and 2g or more advanced users. Keep in mind that a person taking 0,6g and someone taking 3g can have very different trippy psychedelic adventures.

Why should You order shrooms online from Mushroom dispensary Florida ?

We are proud to be an online and local  business, with our products made near you , supporting local employment. For your convenience we offer Australia, Canada, Europe, USA wide delivery, with next day delivery .

Do we have other flavors ?

Yes ! Have a look at our Wonder chocolate bars.

I prefer to microdose magic mushrooms, do you have a product you would recommend ?


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