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These “True Albino Teacher” mushroom strain is a “Psilocybe Cubensis” magic mushroom. True Albino Teachers are an albino variation of the traditional Golden Teacher. True Albino Teacher was discovered and stabilized by mycologist Jik Fibs after isolating a handful of albino Golden Teacher clusters and growing them into fully albino canopies. The caps and stems of this strain are ghostly white, and the gills turn a stunning light-blue and gray color. True Albino Teachers are often confused with the mushroom spores called “White Teachers.” True Albino Teachers are fully albino, while White Teachers are leucistic and have relatively low pigment with nearly-white fruits. This strain boasts ghostly white caps and stems, as well as gills that can become a lovely light-blue and grey hue. These mushrooms really have a beautifully distinct look. True Albino Teachers are usually stout and flat at maturity, but they can also produce longer stems with smaller caps. True Albino Teacher is noted for having a faster, somewhat more physical psychedelic impact that can linger for several hours. True Albino Teachers (TATs) are an uncommon and distinct variety with a powerful punch.

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